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The Secret Journal of Nicholas Cross, Zentraedi spy-at-large
I am but a puppet, dancing on the strings of infinity..
Happy New Year, y'all
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What? Three LJ posts in a single day? The boy's gone crazy!

So, after a conversation with my sister ladykycap, i've decided to embrace our new age of social contacting and do the unthinkable..

That's right. I am now on Facebook *sigh*

Feel like such a lemming.

Now, i do this with a ground rule, as i know people tend to pull up old stuff. And to make the point, it's all in bold.

I have said a number of things over the years. I have also changed over a number of years. What i said before may not be what i think at this time. If you have a question on my thoughts, ask me. Do not base your opinion on a previous opinion i had, especially when i had it years ago.

Thank you.

Now, i always said i'm going to keep a fairly open journal, because in my opinion, if i didnt want it to be public, i wouldnt have put it on the internet. In regards to Facebook, i plan on taking a security option or two, but really if someone really wanted to find me or contact me, there are ways. Not going to personally freak out about it.

Addendum - After a quick bout of research on "Facebook fallout", i just want to make a quick statement. You will never EVAH see a naked photo of me on the internet.

No one wants to see that.
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This is not only awesome, but what i imagine when i think of Rock Band Thursdays

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So, today marks the 32nd time my physical body has rotated around the sun, and i find myself thinking.

Man, the world has changed in vastly unexpected ways from when i was younger. But i guess such is the way of things. You think you're on a particular path, and vroom - you find yourself in a completely different place. Now, mind you, i'm not complaining. I live a pretty darn decent life currently. Love my job, love my lovely wife (almost too cheesy of a line, but true), i have a small group of close friends and family that i cherise and a large number of friends who i share things with.

Life is good.

Most surprisingly to me now, today doesnt seem like a super big deal. I'm just gonna hang out with some people, my baby's making me french toast for brunch, and if everything goes to plan, life will continue on as before. No big celebration, no big announcement, nothing overly special. Just a lazy sunday. And no complaints.

It's a good day. It's a good life. It's been a good thirty two years.

Here's to some more.

How do I Feel?: optimistic optimistic

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This! This shit right here is why i was a late bloomer.

It all makes since now

..and it has seriously turned into the Koddiechan video post. News later. Maybe.

If you're good.
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Try this!

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Got a job today. Will be breaking fixing Apple computers soon.

Happy Monkey Time!

How do I Feel?: excited excited

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Had to.

Just got back from the midnight opening showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Pretty good. Finally read the books a bit back, so i now kinda see the movies as a Cliff Notes-version of the books. Overall satisfying, even with skipping some things

And dunno when my head switched to being all fanservicey, but sexyscholar, your head will be exploding. Twice.

Well, off to bed. Stuff to do tomorrow*

*and by stuff i mean possible job! whee!

How do I Feel?: tired tired

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Just watched the last part of Children of Earth, the Torchwood miniseries


Is it distinctly impossible to get a freakin' clean happy ending these days?!

No spoliers, but.. aargh!

How do I Feel?: bitchy bitchy

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seanmonster, this is the one i was trying to find.

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